Hobby-based original Christmas gift ideas

Thursday 29th November, 2018

You're probably about half way through your Christmas shopping list and at that stage where you're stuck for ideas on the last few tricky people. It happens! So, here's a list of unique and interesting presents you could consider buying for your friends and family - based on their hobbies and personalities.

The Wellness Obsessed

Most people in their lives know at least one person that's totally wellness-obsessed. From yoga and meditation, to aromatherapy and clean eating - these are all a part of life for many people now, and tools to assist them in these practices can make great Christmas presents!

If you know someone that's super into wellness, they'd probably be touched by a present that takes this interest into account.

Perfect for Mum - an essential oil and diffuser set or a herbal tea set to help her de-stress.

Perfect for Dad - How about some mantra cards to help him get focused and start his day with a boost of positivity?

Teen-friendly - A beautiful planner or positivity workbook they can use to make sense of all those feelings!

Friends would love - A healing crystal set to promote calm, positive energy.

The Techie

If you have a tech-lover in your life, congratulations - this is the easiest person to purchase a gift for, especially in the digital age!

Perfect for Mum - But who wouldn't love to enjoy their morning cup of tea to a mug that plays their favourite music, or come home to a mini pillow that massages them?!

Perfect for Dad - He'd love a pair of Bluetooth headphones to drown out all the noise after a long day. Or, how about a Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock for a blast of nostalgia and a good laugh?

A boy's toy - This virtual reality headset is the ultimate gadget any tech-lover must have.

Teen-friendly - Gift a member of the selfie generation with a mini printer they can use to print photos directly from their favourite device - their mobile phone.

The gym-rat

Shortly following Christmas will be the year 2019 - where many people will be talking about fresh starts and getting in shape. A new generation of gym-rats will be born, and the good news is - these people are also pretty easy to buy gifts for!

Perfect for Mum - A fitness tracker so she can count her steps, heart rate and more - just in time for the new year!

Perfect for Dad - A personalised gym towel branded with his initials is a present he'll display with pride.

Friends will love - A personalised gym bottle - I purchased one of these for a friend last year and he adores it!

The homebody

Some people just prefer the comfort of their own home to the great outdoors. So why not get them a gift to make their abode even more inviting?

Perfect for Mum - A fluffy throw and a scented candle set to stay warm and cosy during the cold winter months.

Perfect for Dad - An Amazon Fire TV Stick and Alexa remote, so he can put his feet up and enjoy his favourite shows.

Teen-friendly - Perfect for the teen who likes to stay in her room, a cinema lightbox she can personalise to read whatever she wants. Or how about a Chromecast for the YouTube lover who wants to stream video from his phone all day long?

The nature-lover

Everyone has an 'outdoorsy' friend, and a person who loves to be out and about in nature deserves a great Christmas present that can support their hobby!

Perfect for Mum - A personalised wooden plant pot she can use to satisfy her green thumb!

Perfect for Dad - Whether he's taking on a camping trip or just using it around the house, the main man in your life will appreciate this multi-tool.

Teen-friendly - Spending all that time in the great outdoors doesn't usually go well with mobile device battery life. So any phone-addicted teen will appreciate this PowerBank portable charger!

The grandparents

Grandparents deserve a whole category to themselves because it's easy to make the mistake of assuming a pair of socks or a hat will do.

The seniors in our life all have their own personalities and hobbies and they deserve to get fun presents too! For example, this year - my Nan has requested a laptop - and I'm more than happy to get her one. We don't normally associate technology with presents for older people so it's a great reminder that older people can appreciate tech too.

Some nice ideas:

We hope these ideas have given you the inspiration to go out and find original, hobby-themed presents for your loved ones this Christmas! And if anything on this list has taken your fancy, there's still time to set up a quick and easy Things To Get Me Christmas gift list you can create and send to your family and friends for absolutely free.

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