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Collect physical items plus cash donations.

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  • Create a Wish-List of physical items you want to collect.
  • Accept cash donations with donors covering the fees.
  • Self-serve platform with no account managers or salesmen.
  • No sign-up necessary to get started.
  • Collaborate on lists with your team.
  • No monthly fees.
We help charities of all sizes collect donations.

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Helping Charities Collect Physical Donations

Things To Get Me works with charity organisations of all sizes to help grow their online donations.

Whether you're collecting clothes for the homeless, school supplies, Christmas presents for foster kids, or just hard cash, we can help.

Our Wish-List service was originally designed for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, but our flexibility has meant people have found countless other uses for our free service.

Our Wish-List tool is so versatile but retains the personal touch.

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Collect Physical Items

Many donors prefer to give items they know will be used.

Collect Money

99% of donors also cover the transaction fees.

Collaborate Together

Work on lists together with your team members.

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Examples and Case Studies

  1. During the coronavirus pandemic, we were used by countless NHS hospital trusts to collect donations of hand wash, moisturiser, even tea and biscuits, for our brave healthcare workforce.
  2. Many church groups use our service to collect warm clothes for the homeless.
  3. Mountain rescue charities have found our service the perfect way to request specific pieces of hiking equipment, critical to providing their service.

This is much more than a simple money collection service, but we obviously do that too!

Winter clothing for the homeless.
Moisturiser and tea & biscuits for nurses.
Equipment for mountain rescue.

No Monthly Fees

Our service is completely free, even the credit/debit card transaction fees are covered by donors, by default.

Self-Serve Platform

You don't need to sign up to get started, and there's no long sign-up process.

No Account Managers

We believe in keeping things simple, and letting you get on with the job. We're still here to help if you need us.

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Bespoke services when needed

Our service is completely free and self-service, no complicated account setup, no account managers or salesmen, just create your Wish-List and start collecting.

If you do need a hand, just get in touch, we're always happy to help.

Collaboration tools are baked in, so you can share a list with other people in your organisation and work on them together.

If needed, we can work one-on-one with your organisation to implement the necessary additional tools you may need. Let us know what's missing and we can make it happen. No project is too big - just ask The Brevard Family Partnership...

When The Brevard Family Partnership of Florida needed to collect Christmas presents for the 1,700 children they serve, we built additional tools for them. Our solution allowed them to upload their massive spreadsheets and automatically create 1,700 individualised, user-friendly Wish-Lists, which were then sent to donors to select gifts.

Robert is the architect and developer of the Things To Get Me platform.

Our system allowed The Brevard Family Partnership to track who received gifts and who did not, allowing them to source their own gifts for those still in need. New Wish-List descriptors, like the child’s age, gender, and favorite hobby, were added to provide even more individuality to every child’s Wish-List.

Days of organising and orchestrating were brought down to mere minutes. They simply uploaded their spreadsheets, and we returned 1,700 custom lists. Things To Get Me has always been about making things simple, and this problem was no different. We can do the busy work: customising our services to work better with you.

Custom URLs and more are available on request - just let us know what you need. Things To Get Me is always willing to adapt. If you have an idea for how Things To Get Me can help your organisation, let us know!

National Health Service

Things To Get Me worked with the NHS and Habitat Escapes.

During the pandemic, dedicated healthcare workers had been overworked. With so much time spent on their feet in a stressful environment, many were in need of respite. Habitat Escapes works with the NHS to provide such an escape. Fifty NHS workers won a break from the hectic world of healthcare to venture off to the Lower Mill Estate for rest and respite in the outdoors.

For the fifty relaxers, Things To Get Me created a donations page. Contributors helped our brave healthcare workforce receive extra amenities like paddle boarding sessions or even a private chef.

Wish-Lists to collect hand wash, moisturiser and even tea & biscuits for nurses.

Such a Wish-List is not exclusive to the NHS. You can start your own donation fund using our standard Wish-List creator. Make your own today!

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