Why did we build this awesome website in the first place.

Hello and thanks for visiting Things To Get Me, we hope you find this website useful.

I'm Robert, and with my wife Raimonda, we run the no-fuss gift list maker.

I actually registered this website 10 years ago, with a simple idea in mind.

It's taken the birth of our first child, and the run-up to Christmas 2017, to finally set about building it (no rush huh!)

With an ever-growing family, Christmas is that time of year when we all get bombarded with emails of children's Christmas lists.

Followed by the inevitable discussions as everyone tries to decide what to get, whilst trying to make sure no-one else gets the same.

As an IT/Web Professional I've always had the niggling question "Can't we do this a bit better?"

My company runs this site to do just that, with a simple gift list maker.

As a user, all I want is to be able to send a list to people, and have them tick-off what they're getting - nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, and it's obviously not limited to Christmas. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or just your own gift-list, you choose.

It's as simple as that.

For more information, see how it works.

It's free always has been, always will be