Things To Get Me In Isolation Create a list of things you need and share it with friends or neighbours to get for you. All lists are strictly private, only visible to people you share it with.

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Prepare and share your list

Things To Get Me is here to help those isolated because of COVID. Simple, private, and free, our wish-list service is the ideal method of sharing needed supplies with friends, family, and volunteers.

Add groceries, toiletries, and any other necessities to your list and remain in the safety of your home while your designated aids collect what you need. Our lists' notes section allows for you to describe additional safety precautions necessary.

Even if you're not at-risk, Things To Get Me is a great way to share love with distant friends and family. Start a list now to reconnect with each other from a safe distance!

Stay safe, stay home, and stay well!

It's free always has been, always will be