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"You have to try this wish-list maker, it makes co-ordinating what gifts have been bought really easy. People can tick off what they're getting and it doesn't spoil the surprise."

Lucy from the UK

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The Independent Alternative to Amazon Wish-List

When we started Things To Get Me, all we wanted to create was a quick solution to writing a wish-list. Simplicity was the most important principle. This meant no unnecessary features. No need for personal data. And a fiercely independent spirit.

Things To Get Me still remains true to these values, and is proud to be an independent alternative to other wish list services like Amazon. With Things To Get Me, you can support local businesses and online retailers without middlemen. This means more of what you pay will go directly to the creator of the product!

You can also import your Amazon wish-list, or a range of other providers.

With Things To Get Me, you're not limited to a single online retailer. And with the app, neither are you limited to your computer. The app and browser extension are about as fancy as it will be. Again, Things To Get Me is all about keeping it simple!

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