How Does Private Shipping Work?

Written on Monday 6th September, 2021

Private Shipping allows you to receive items from your list without exposing your address.

This service is ideal for two very different scenarios, though I'm sure there's many more we've not thought about.

Firstly, if you have a profile on a platform such as OnlyFans, this is a great way to receive items from your fans, without telling them where you live.

Another scenario are charities who collect donations for items but need to protect the identity and location of where they're going - think: womens' refuge.

Overall, it's similar to how Amazon works when people buy things off your Amazon wish-list, but we're not a store like Amazon.

When your guests, fans, or donors, tick an item off your list, they're given a unique address of one of our depots to send the package to.

They never see your true address.

When the package arrives, we lookup your address, and simply put a new label on the package, and send it on.

Your guests are charged a small fee to cover the additional postage.

The additional handling charge can only be used for a single item on your list.

Step 1

Add your address to your Wish List.

Step 2

If Private Shipping is available in your country, you'll see the tickbox option to hide your address.

If you don't see this tickbox, then unfortunately we don't offer Private Shipping in your country.

Please get in touch to find out when we may be offering this service in your country.

The more requests we get, the more likely we are to start offering this service in your area.

Step 3

For your own peace-of-mind, you can preview your wish-list by going to the Share tab.

You'll then be able to verify that your address is definitely hidden.

Alternatively, ask a friend to check it for you, to be 100% sure.

That's it!

All that's left to do now is wait for the items to arrive.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this feature, or indeed about any aspect of our service, please get in touch at

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