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What is Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular festive event held in workplaces and groups every year.

The basic idea is that everyone will send and receive a single gift, usually within a budget of say $5, but that's entirely up to you.

Everyone picks a name from a hat to decide who they'll buy a gift for.

No-one knows who their "secret santa" is, although guessing afterwards can also be part of the fun.

You can also create a Secret Santa with wish-lists on our platform.

Picking Names

Using a Secret Santa generator is easy, just create the group and list the people, then use the "name picking" feature.

Everyone will be drawn one of the other members of the group.

Each member can visit the group using the unique website link, to see who they've picked.

We allow adding "exclusions", so people can indicate who they don't want to pick from the hat, useful for couples.

Our Secret Santa feature also allows for picking multiple names, if you were feeling generous and all wanted to buy a gift for 2 different people, or more.

Office party
The office Christmas party.

How It Works

To get started with our Secret Santa generator, the first step is to create the group - it's free and you don't need to sign up (neither do the group members).

All groups have a unique website link which you can share with the members of the group.

If you want to restrict who can join the group, you can create the member profiles for everyone, and simply ask everyone to come and confirm their place in the group.

Alternatively you can let anyone come and create their own member profile by following the link to the group page..

Once everyone is in the group, you can then "close" it.


All members can have a list of "exclusions", which are the names they don't want to pick.

These need to be set before the group owner or admin picks the names for the whole group.

Picking the names is a simple click of a button by the group owner or admin.

Everyone will then be notified by email of who they've picked.

Share a Wish List

If members want to share their wish-list(s) with the Secret Santa group, they can do this at any time.

This can be a nice way to help all the secret santa's with a bit of inspiration.

A wish-list doesn't need to be anything specific, our wish-lists are super flexible, so could just be a list of ideas.

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