Wish List App

Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Introducing your gift list

Going Mobile

Our Wish-List app has all the features of the website (including no sign-up required).

Create your wish-list, add items, then share with family and friends, who can tick things off they wish to get.

Available on your mobile phone and tablet, whenever a gift idea pops in your head.

Manage Your List

Easily manage and review your wish-list on the app.

An item consists of a name. Everything else is optional: website link, a note, and even the option to request more than one (e.g. gift cards).

Most importantly, we don't complicate things, it's clean and simple, something our users love about it.

Managing your gift list
Sharing your gift list


Sharing your list is easy on the wish-list app, you have a few options:

You can manually share your unique link, or use Facebook, or the various options available on your phone, all with a single tap.

Multiple Lists

Although not required, if you do decide to sign-up for an account on the wish-list app, you'll then be able to manage multiple lists.

We don't ask for any personal information.

Having an account also means you can manage your lists on multiple devices, including on the website.

Manage multiple lists

It's free
always has been, always will be