Printable Gift List Templates

An online wish-list not for you? More of the pen and paper type? Want to write a letter to Santa? We have options for you! For birthdays and Christmas, we have multiple printable wish list templates. And you can download them for free!

They're perfect for writing letters to Santa, or a birthday list to send to grandma and grandpa. Let your little ones enjoy a full holiday experience and write their own wish list! They're easy, no fuss, and totally free!

Christmas Gift List Templates

As a kid, writing a letter to Santa signals the start of the holiday season. Once the letter is written, kids can start picturing Christmas morning in their head. Their heads filled with images of elegantly wrapped boxes and stuffed stockings as the snow starts to fall and lights go up around the trees and gutters. The letter to Santa opens the door to anxious anticipation and the eventual payoff that makes the endless waiting and good behavior worth it.

These gift lists are designed specifically for Christmas and are totally free for you to download. Coming in US Letter or A4, they’ll fit perfectly in an envelope for express delivery to Santa! Free, no fuss, and cute as a button, our printable gift lists are perfect for your holiday!

Santa does have an email these days, so feel free to check out our online tool as well!

Birthday Gift List Templates

Second only to opening the presents themselves, give your child the chance to write their own birthday wish list on one of our printable gift lists! You can always recreate their list with our handy online tool, but if you want them to really think about what they want, nothing beats a handwritten list! They come in a variety of styles and are totally free!

You can mail their gift list to grandma or Uncle Don, complete with a heartfelt message at the end. Or you can pin it to the fridge, and use it as leverage to encourage good behavior. Whatever your motivation, you can try out our printable gift lists for free! No hassle, no fuss.

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