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"By far the best wish-list maker out there, and I've tried a lot!"

Lucy from the UK


"Such a simple platform but packed with so many features."

Ben from the US


"I have all my family using this platform for every birthday."

Sarah from the UK

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Online Wish Lists Without The Fuss

Are you tired of receiving the same pair of socks from grandma every year for Christmas? Or maybe you're tired of three different relatives sending you slow-cookers because "you're always talking about how you want to cook more." Or maybe you just want to have a carefree special occasion?

Whatever your reason, we're here to give you the tools you need to create an easy and unique online wish list. Your wish list is tailored by you, and requires no personal information. All it takes is three simple steps!

  1. Start your list by clicking the "Get Started" button anywhere on the website.
  2. Share your list with family and friends. Each list has a unique page, and only you can edit it.
  3. Sit back, let your gifters make their purchases, and wait for that special occasion!

If that’s all you need to know, start your wish list now! But if you still need help generating your list, well...

We have a number of tools to help you too! Download our free browser plugin to add products to your online wish lists as you browse the web. This way you'll never forget to add an item, and you won't need another endless list of bookmarked pages or stacks of sticky notes.

We also have an app to help with your wish lists! The app is powered by Things To Get Me, and contains all the same features you'll find on the website, but you can take it with you wherever. It's awesome to have handy when you're out at brick and mortar stores!

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your wish list in the first place, feel free to check out our blog. There you'll find helpful tips for picking out the right gifts for others, or for yourself. Not sure what gifts are appropriate for a wedding, baby shower, or housewarming party? Whatever the occasion, we have a perspective on it.

And that's all from us! Ready to get started?

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