Things To Get Me for my


Things To Get Me for my


Surprises are great, but sometimes you know exactly what you want.

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1st Birthday Inspirational Ideas

1st Birthday Inspirational Ideas

Your little one turning one is a special occasion. After counting all these months we finally got to 'first big candle on the cake' moment.

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Think Outside The Gift Box

Read about our collection of hand-picked gift ideas.

Add gifts from any website with our free browser plugin

By installing our Chrome Browser Extension you can add things to your gift-list from any website.

e.g. If you're looking at a product on Amazon, you can simply click the extension button and have it automatically added to your list.

No more copying & pasting website addresses!

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Your Birthday List Made Simple

Writing your birthday wish-list should be pretty simple, so we've stuck to our guiding-principles and kept the whole process as straight-forward as possible.

You can add links to websites if you like, it usually helps family & friends to know exactly what you want, saving them from coming to ask you, and hence possibly spoiling the surprise a little, but it's completely optional.

Our whole mission in creating this birthday list maker is to stay out of your way, if you don't need a particular feature, chances are we haven't built it.

Hopefully you'll love using the site just as much as we love building it.

We also have a browser add-on (for Firefox and Chrome), which means you can add to your birthday gift list directly when browsing the web - it is super cool, and super easy to use.

It's free always has been, always will be