About Us

Who are we, why did we build this, and who's involved.

We are Robert and Raimonda, welcome to Things To Get Me.

This website was created in 2017 following the birth of our first daughter, Grace.

Just in time for Grace's first Christmas, we realised we were quickly going to fall into the same trap that we had for many years.

You know the one, the mass barrage of emails or messages as everyone tries to organise who's getting what gift, and for who, multiplied by how ever many children, neices and nephews you have.

In our family this usually starts with a mass email, telling everyone what one of our neices or nephews wants for Christmas.

This is then shortly followed by everyone hitting "reply-to-all", and email armageddon begins.

Since Robert is a programmer, he decided to finally build a simple solution that he'd been planning for years.

Things To Get Me is designed to be simple and we don't want your personal information.

It's free, and you can even use it without signing up.

More about Robert

Robert is the "techie", he's the one physically building the website and adding all the cool features - usually at 3am.

He also owns and runs an IT consultancy company in the North West of England.

Get to know Raimonda

With our 2 year old daughter to look after, it goes without saying Raimonda's time is a little stretched. But when she gets in front of the computer, she's always on the hunt for the next batch of truly inspirational gift ideas to share with you all.

Introducing the rest of The Team

We're incredibly proud of the success of Things To Get Me, but we couldn't have done it without some help from some great people.

Janah Jackman

Janah is our resident copywriter, helping to publish some great inspiring articles around everything gift related.

Lexy Deaville

We're very conscious not to write the typical "top 10 gifts for him", and Lexy helps us do this by presenting some truly inspirational gift ideas for various occasions.

It's free always has been, always will be