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Create a list

Give it a name, add a photo, and even choose a personalised theme.

Add items

Lists can be full of specific items, or just a collection of ideas, there's no rules.


All lists have a unique web-link which allows guests to come and reserve items.


Be surprised as your items arrive, optionally mark them as received.

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Creating a wish-list

Creating a wish-list is easy, just use one of the buttons throughout the website to get started.

Your list can have a name, description, picture, address, and even a date - all of which are optional.

If you want to add a collection of pictures we also offer a Gallery feature.

A wish-list will usually contains items which you can add at any time.

Creating a list.

Sharing your list

All wish-lists have a unique website link, e.g.

If you'd like a personalised link, e.g., you can also request that too.

The default links (with a code) are unguessable and we don't offer a search feature, so unless you explicitly share your list with someone, no-one can find it.

We also ask Google, Bing, etc. not to include a link to your wish-list in the search engines.

Your unique link can be shared with anyone, who will then be able to tick things off to indicate which items they're getting.

We offer a few common ways to share your list, but you can simply copy-and-paste the link yourself.

Rest assured that when you share your list no-one else can actually edit it, even though it's the same URL you're on when you're making your list. Your guests will see a different version to the page you're working on, and their view will only let them tick things off.

If you do want someone else to be able to edit your list, see the Teamwork feature for that, ideal for parents or teams who want to build a list together.

As the list owner, you won't see who ticks things off until you head to the Reveal section. If you don't trust yourself, you can also disable the Reveal section completely, so you don't get curious.

If you try to edit an item which someone might have ticked, we'll give you plenty of warning, before telling you for sure.

Sharing your address

If you're sharing your wish-list with people who might not know your address, or maybe you wish to share the location of a party, you can add that too.

Remember, people will only see your address if you explicitly share your list with them.

If you're simply sharing a list with family and friends, you probably don't need to do this.

If you're an online influencer or have online fans, you might not want to display your personal address, but still want to receive items. For this reason we created our Private Shipping service.

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Add Items

An item on a wish-list consists of a name, that's the only required bit of information you need to enter. This means our lists are very versatile.

If you want to add a picture, a website link, a price, or a special note, you can, but these are all optional.

To give you an idea on the versatility of our Wish-Lists, here's some items we've seen people add to their lists.

By default, items are added to the end of the list, as that's how lists usually work. If you want new items to appear at the top of your list you can change this behaviour in the Sort settings for your list.

You can also import a wish-list from another provider, or upload a CSV file containing your list.

Adding items.

The Big Reveal

When you want to see who ticked off your items, or who contributed towards your money funds, you can see all of this in the Reveal section.

This will contain their name, and possibly a message from them too, to help with your thank-you's after the event.

That's it

Hopefully that covers everything and answers any questions you may have.

We've included more details on every section of our Wish-List maker, and in the app, but if you have any other questions please email us and we'll be happy to answer anything.

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