How it works

We've worked hard to create the simplest wish-list maker in the world.

After just two quick steps you'll be free to kick back and relax, letting your friends, relatives, and loved ones handle the rest.

1. Get started

Click on any of the "Start my gift list" buttons or the "My List" button in the tab above. These will take you directly to your new wish-list. There's no need to register or sign-in!

You can also start wish-lists on the go with our app!

2. Add your items

This steps all on you. Scour the web, search for your greatest desires, and copy them down onto your empty list. You can add the name of an item, a website link, personal notes, and how many you want.

Install our free browser extension to quickly add items while browsing the web. The extension automatically copies the item's link, and it makes managing your lists even easier by letting you access them on the fly. You can even change the list's title and date.

That's all you need to make your list! But what happens next? It's time to share it!

Your wish-list page has a few handy buttons to quickly share your list to Facebook, Twitter, messaging apps, and email. Although the weblink may look the same as yours, the people you share your list with cannot edit it.

All your gifters need to do is tick the box next to the gift they're purchasing. Everyone else can see which items are still unclaimed, so no one accidentally buys more than one (unless you indicated that you'd like more than one when creating your list).

We like to keep things simple here.

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