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Everything you ever wanted to know about writing your own wish-list.

Our Wish-List Website

When we started building Things To Get Me back in 2017 we always had the aim to keep things as simple as possible, and whilst that's still our main focus, it's hard to not notice the incredible number of features the platform now boasts.

e.g. Lists, Funds, Themes, Groups, Secret Santa, Private Shipping, the App, a Browser Extension, to name but a few.

For that reason, we decided to put together this very in-depth "User Manual" to explain every feature we have.

If you're looking for a shorter overview, take a look at the How It Works page, or if you have a particular question about Wish-Lists, try our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still can't find the answer to your question, we're always happy to help directly via email, at hi@thingstogetme.com.

We're developing new features for the platform on a daily basis, and can implement ideas or changes very quickly, so please get in touch if you have any suggestions or issues.

This is one of many aspects that sets us apart from the competition, when you get in touch with us about your wish list, you're talking directly to the developer who makes the changes on the website and the app.

The Wish-List Concept

The idea behind a wish-list is to create a list of things you want, or wish for. These could be specific items, or just ideas, and indeed our platform makes no assumptions, we always try to keep things as flexible as possible when it comes to writing your list.

For example, your list doesn't need to be a wish-list at all, it could simply be a shopping list for groceries, or a to-do list, or a list of things to remember for a trip.

We personally use our platform for a variety of uses and have literally hundreds of lists for helping to organise our lives.

We've seen people create a list for a cocktail party, which was literally "bring a bottle", with the list containing all the bottles of spirits the party host needed.

Items on a Wish List

A list on our platform is usually a list of "items". These items can be anything, either specific physical products, or just ideas.

Some examples might include:

Although items on our platform can have many attributes, they are all optional, only the "name" of the item is required.

If the item is a product, you can include a website link of somewhere to buy it from. You may also include a price, and a quantity, if you want more than one.

You can upload a picture too, or use our built-in feature to try and grab a picture from the website link you enter, although do be aware this doesn't work 100% of the time, as some websites actively try to prevent us from grabbing their images. If this happens, just download the images yourself, and upload them to your list.

Sharing Your Wish List

You may create a list on our platform for any reason, which could simply be a private list for your eyes only.

However, if you choose to share your wish-list with family & friends, or further afield via social networks, your "guests" will be able to view your list, and tick things off.

Every list on our platform comes with a unique website link, which is a jumble of letters and numbers and can not be guessed. This means that all lists are stricly private by default. Unless you share your website link, no-one can find it.

e.g. https://www.thingstogetme.com/21420a519bc

Reserving Items

When a guest is browsing your list, they will have the option to "reserve" an item. This could be used to indicate they'll buy you that item, but once again, we don't dictate what it means to "reserve" an item.

One example we saw recently was someone who created a list of car parts they needed for a project, and they would "reserve" their own items once they'd complete that part of the project.

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The Big Reveal

If you want to see who reserved an item on your list, you need to head to the Reveal section. This is so we don't accidentally spoil the surprise.

If you try to edit an item that's already been reserved, we'll also show a warning, since it wouldn't be very good to change something, or delete it, if someone has already bought it.

Once you see which items have been reserved, you can also mark those as "received", this will remove those items from your list.

If someone reserved an item but didn't actually get it, you can unreserve those items yourself.

Finally, if you want reserved items to automatically be removed from your list, you can find that option in Settings of your list.

Request Money As An Item

Since the "items" on your list are so flexible, you could simply create an item that asks for money.

If the guests know you, they may already have your bank details, or you could simply ask them to email you for them.

You could also list your bank details on the item, or in the list description, remembering that all lists are strictly private unless shared with someone.

Accept Bitcoin And Other Crypto Payments

In addition to listing your bank account details, you could also include any wallet addresses for Bitcoin, etc.

More Coming Soon

This is a huge work-in-progress, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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