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Our Christmas List maker is the perfect way to create and share your Christmas List with family & friends.

220,818 lists and counting.

How it works

1. Write your list

Start your Christmas list by adding items.

You can provide a website link, and add helpful notes to each item.

2. Share your list

Your list has a unique website address, you can find it on the Share tab.

Send your unique link to family & friends.

When your family & friends visit your list, they can tick off which items they'll get.

Everyone can see whether an item has been ticked off, so two people can't choose the same item.

Christmas, he'll soon be here

Making your Christmas list

As my dad always says about now, "he'll soon be here".

It's our family's call to start making our Christmas lists.

As the kids get more and more excited about Father Christmas, the adults start orchestrating over email, who's getting what.

That's where this Christmas list maker was conceived, a better way to manage Christmas lists rather than the barrage of emails.

Write your Christmas list