Christmas Party Essentials

Wednesday 4th December, 2019

'Tis the season and if you're the host of a Christmas party this year, your planning is probably well and truly underway. But if you've left it to the last minute - don't fear. We've got you covered with these quick tips!

Of course, there's the usual things you know you'll need: mounds of tinsel, Christmas lights, nibbles, drinks and a perfectly decorated tree, but it's the smaller touches that will make this THE Christmas party of 2019.

So - don't forget about:


Games are always a fun addition to any party, and they make great ice-breakers if there will be guests attending that have never met before. From Christmas Charades and Pass the Stocking to Pin the nose on Rudolph, you can put a Christmas spin on any traditional party game. Why not get creative with it?

Photo op spots

In the age of the selfie, it seems that parties these days aren't complete without a photo booth. But if you're throwing a party in your home, this isn't the most cost or space effective of solutions! Have a specially decorated corner where guests can get some snaps, and place disposable cameras around the house, encouraging guests to use those too - you might not have any time to take your own pictures if you get too busy hosting!

Christmas tunes

If you didn't have a singalong to Last Christmas, did you really throw a Christmas party? Christmas music is a huge part of the build-up to the big day. Those songs hold many nostalgic memories for people and will instantly get everyone in the mood. So, plan your Christmas playlist ahead of time using Spotify or Apple Music so you can do so quickly. Make sure that you've got a long enough list of tunes that you won't need to worry about it for at least a few hours. And be sure to invest in a good Bluetooth speaker or sound system so you can crank it up!

Seasonal scents

Gingerbread. Cinnamon. Berries. There is nothing like the warm, fresh scent of Christmas. It's light and sweet with a hint of spice. And to really get people in the Christmas spirit, you should make sure these scents are wafting at them as soon as they walk through the door. Grab some holiday-scented candles or some cinnamon essential oils to diffuse and you're golden.

Kids area

Excitable kids at a Christmas party equals one thing: mess! If you're throwing a tot-friendly shindig, it might be a good idea to forge a kids' zone in the corner of the room filled with nibbles, games and toys for them to enjoy. That way, if there is any mess, it's concentrated to one area of the room. Also, with the kids happy and entertained, maybe Mum and Dad can sneak off to enjoy a quick mulled wine in peace.

Christmas cocktails

Every party needs cocktails! Be sure to prepare these in advance, and leave out some sliced fruits such as lemons, limes and cherries for guests to add to their drinks. You'll also want to stock up on some bubbly, beer and wine, and non-alcoholic options including sparkling water with fruit and cucumber for anyone who isn't drinking! Make sure you have enough glasses for everyone, as well as different types - cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, wine glasses - and napkins and coasters too.

So, there you have it - all the special touches of a great Christmas party. Add these things to your planning list for a get-together that goes off without a hitch.

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