Baby Shower Gift List Ideas

Saturday 2nd March, 2019

I am mum to a very mischievous 4 year old boy, and I currently have one in progress (flavour currently unknown), coming in August this year. As an avid internet shopper (you don't get to know your delivery drivers on first name terms otherwise!) and a sucker for a new gadget. I want to inspire you with your shopping choices and list creations!

As its quite pertinent to me at the moment as well as being an up and coming trend, I'm going to get started on a relatively new concept to me, the baby shower!!

So just what is a baby shower?

So I'm sure by now you have heard of someone hosting, been invited to, or are in fact having your own baby shower. A relatively new concept within the UK they are already quickly gathering some pace and popularity. These gatherings have been popular over in the US for many decades already.

Having been to a couple myself and indulged in the more unusual party games of 'guess what is in the nappy' where you have to identify the foodstuff present, or baby food tasting in order to guess the meal in a Masterchef style competition 'I'm getting hints of Annabel Karmel cottage pie' etc., they are definitely a little different to any social gathering I have attended before. A gift registry can be a real help for people stuck with what to bring along, and you can also use it to gather ideas of what essentials you will need for when baby arrives.

But how about moving away from the essentials?

If you are wanting to steer away from the essentials and are after a more unique gift idea, how about nursery décor or first toys? I remember with my first son I became suddenly very aware that he had nothing to play with! I had focused so much on gathering the essentials, that I didn't think ahead that soon he would need some stimulation!

Le Toy Van stock gorgeous, sturdy wooden toys aimed at babies to preschool children. Personal favourites of mine are the Mr Mushroom hammer game and the stacking veggies! My son actually received the Noah's ark shape sorter as a Christening gift, it doubled up as a lovely nursery decoration and an educational first toy. I also love their take on the baby gym, a beautiful wooden frame with a bright and exciting hot air balloon theme. A stunning baby shower gift to be sure, and a talking point for visitors to the house.

As for nursery décor, be sure to check out Scandiborn. Scandinavian style, this website will create endless inspiration for your little one's new pad (I've already generated quite a list). From stylish ball pits (yes, I didn't know there was such a thing either!) woolly mammoth rocking horses (I want one!) and decorative toy chests, to 'can never have too many' storage shelves. Scandiborn stock just about anything you could possibly think of and more.

If like me you are a sucker for wall art, the quirkier the better, then Desenio is the place for you. From traditional cute animal based wall art, world maps and alphabets, to monsters, dinosaurs and charming word art. A lovely example of this being 'of all the things my hands have held the best by far is you'. A lovely piece to compliment any nursery.

No matter what your theme, Desenio will have something suitable to adorn any nursery wall.

This is my first child and I don't know what I'm doing/I've already got children and I still don't know what I'm doing….

In reality, do anyone of us actually know?! How about some research material to get you through those 'does this seem right to you?' moments that we all have in parenthood! Rachel Fitz-Desorgher is a highly experienced midwife who has penned 'Your baby skin to skin', a refreshing read helping to reassure parents and guide them through the first year. And not only that, it can double up as useful reading material to get you through those early night feeds! Much less expensive than turning to Amazon when something to keep you awake is required, I speak from experience!

The Wonder Weeks app is also a truly invaluable resource, helping guide parents through baby development milestones and the mental leaps you will encounter as your baby grows and changes. Recently developed in to a book, this guide will help you understand your baby's development and be prepared for the 'stormy stages' ahead with some insight in to what is really going on with your ever-changing mini person!

Baby sleeps in a what now?

For maybe the more extravagant baby shower gift ideas, or maybe even a joint present from a few contributors, the Finnish baby boxes are a sort of one stop shop for everything you need to get started with your fresh little person.

The idea stems from the Finnish tradition where each new baby is presented with a cardboard box filled with some first clothes and other essentials, with the box doubling up as a first bed. Something echoed in the UK with the NHS safe sleep initiative by The Baby Box Co. These gorgeous boxes which are customized to baby due date and home climate, come filled with 33 items including first size sleepsuits, hats, snowsuits (season dependent), bibs etc. and also a plush toy. They even do a Moomin themed box (I love this style, hint hint). A sure hit if you want to combine a stylish unique gift with multiple essential items.

Hopefully you are feeling inspired now to create your own baby shower list.

Why not make it even easier to build your list by using our browser add-on - once installed, simply click the extension button from the website you are shopping on to add an item to your list - simple!

Good luck and enjoy!

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