Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Love

Friday 28th February, 2020

As the winter chill slowly but surely makes an exit, we welcome in a new season and a very special annual celebration.

That's right - it's soon to be Mother's Day in the UK. Prosecco glasses will be clinking all around Britain when the big day comes as ppeople toast to the special ladies in their lives.

Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for flower buying, restaurant booking and phone calls. Fun fact: more calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year.

This is a day that is taken very seriously around the world, meaning that finding the perfect present is a must.

What makes a good Mother's Day gift?

Many mothers would do anything for their children. They work, sacrifice and dedicate their whole lives to raising their kids, so Mother's Day is the best time of year to show them that everything they do is appreciated.

A Mother's Day present should aim to make her feel special and loved. There are many ways to achieve this. You could go the sentimental route, or you could make her laugh with a novelty gift that she'd enjoy.

Mothers work so hard to provide for their families so something that helps her wind down or relax is always welcomed. Or maybe she's the type that's forever on-the-go? In this case, a fun, adventurous experience gift may be just the thing for her.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to get your wonderful mother for a Mother's Day present, read on for some inspiration.

Mother's Day Experience Gifts

When it comes to yearly events, I sometimes feel like I may be getting a bit stale in the gift-giving department. I mean, how many more times can I really get my Mum a DIY spa kit for Mother's Day? I know that the thought is all that counts to her, but this year I'd really love to surprise her with something different and experience gifts are one of the best ways to do that.

Experiences can range from the small to the extravagant, and vary in price, so it's always easy to find something you can afford. Some ideas include:

Afternoon Tea

Why not gift Mum with a trip to a swanky hotel, with champagne on tap and all the cake and biscuits her heart desires? There are loads of bargain deals floating around online for afternoon tea, especially around this time of year as it's such a popular Mother's Day treat!

Indoor Skydiving

If your Mum has a wild side, why not help her unleash her inner daredevil with an exhilarating trip to an indoor skydiving centre? She'll still get all the adrenaline - without having to throw herself out of a plane!

Spa Day

Massages, facials, beauty treatments- it's a timeless Mother's Day experience that never goes out of style. Let all her stress melt away with a soothing spa day. Heaven on earth!

Wine Tasting

If you have the type of mother whose favourite time of the day is wine o'clcok, this is the gift for her! And maybe you could even snap up a fancy bottle for her to take home as an extra treat.


Looking for an experience that's totally out there? Give Mum the gift of the great outdoors and take her for a glamping trip. If you're feeling out of the loop, glamping is glamorous camping - think less sleeping bags and creepy crawlies, and more luxuries, beds and hot water.

Mother's Day Hamper Gifts

Hampers are one of my favourite kind of gifts because you can never give Mum too many treats. They are the best way to give her lots of little bits that are guaranteed to make her smile.

You can fill a hamper with pretty much anything these days. Chocolate, wine, cheese and biscuits, beauty products - you name it. If Mum loves it, you can give it to her in abundance with a hamper.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Gifts with a personal touch are special - and homemade treats always go down well on Mother's Day because the effort that goes into them gives them that extra magic.

From candles to cupcakes, or even homemade body scrubs and lotions, you can put your hands to work and churn out a Mother's Day gift to top all other years. Don't worry if you're not naturally crafty - there's a wealth of information online about how to make almost anything yourself - so just do a quick search for a recipe you think she'll love and dive right in.

So there you have it - some mother's day inspo to help you pull this year's gift out the bag. And don't forget, you can always have her send round a wish list if you really just want to let her pick her own pressie this year!

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