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Friday 4th February, 2022

So if you've been with us for a while now, you will already know that the primary function of our gift list creator is to be able to indirectly guide gift givers towards things you, or another recipient would ideally like to receive. And as we have already discovered, by using a gift list, it quite simply takes an awful lot of hassle out of gift giving! No more 'I don't know what to get Aunty Jean for her 106th birthday, she has everything already' or 'I got 32 pairs of socks for this Christmas and all I really wanted was a cheese fondue set' etc etc., you get the picture! They help you get the things you really want, and it gives the people who want to buy you a gift, an idea of what to get you - saving them a lot of time and head scratching!

But is that the only function of a gift list? It's such a handy set up, there surely must be other uses for it?

Coronavirus Isolation Lists

As you will have already seen on the TTGM website, we already have a section dedicated to coronavirus isolation lists. This is particularly helpful if you live alone, or if many of you within the household have all tested positive leaving no one able to leave to go shopping. You could utilise the wish list to be able to make a shopping list of essentials that you need purchasing on your behalf, and delivering to the house. Using the share function you can then share this amongst your close family and friends, or people who have offered to help you. Makes it much more simple to be able to get your essential shopping items without ending up with 12 pints of milk and 7 loaves from your well meaning good Samaritans!

Days Out & Experiences

Many people make the decision that they do not want to receive physical gifts, and would much prefer to receive experiences or days out. It can be particularly useful for families with children, especially if they have multiple children, to choose to request gifts such as annual passes to the zoo or vouchers for a day trip to a theme park for example. If you are looking for alternative ideas especially to be able to fill the whole year with family days out and experiences, this can be a really helpful solution. Let's face it, school holidays can be an expensive business and can also be stressful trying to think of things to fill the days! This is an ideal way to use your wish list and be able to plan ahead. You could choose many locations for days out or maybe even holiday parks, lodges and hotels for short breaks. This way it also makes the gifts last much longer than just Christmas or the birthday itself. It's also a way of ensuring your gifts don't fill the house and you still have room to be able to live in it!

The Bucket List

The basic concept of a bucket list is a list of activities or experiences a person wishes to partake in before they die. It doesn't need to be quite as dramatic as this, as you don't actually have to be at death's door to be able to partake in a bucket list, it's not a requirement! Some people choose to do it when they're approaching a milestone birthday, or others use it when they decide they wish to enjoy many different experiences and make the time to do so. Sometimes it stems from a New Year's resolution to really make the most of the coming year. The difference between a bucket list and a general experience list is that bucket list entries tend to be more once-in-a-lifetime type activities, or at least things you wouldn't do very frequently. An example of which could be abseiling, jumping out of an aeroplane, getting that tattoo you always thought about, or swimming with sharks. Obviously, each individual has their own idea of what they will want to include on their bucket list. I'm pretty sure my own bucket list would not include anything to do being in close proximity with sharks, or jumping out of aeroplanes. I much prefer staying within aeroplanes and jetting off somewhere sunny, and swimming alone without things with many teeth. Whatever floats your boat of course….! But the use of a wish list to create a tickable list of things you want to do, and the ability to be able to share this with others (and share the cost if they would like to gift you an experience) is one way you could help make this happen.

Motivation List

If, like me, you are much less of an adrenaline junkie and much more of a simple home comforts type person, there may be a list of things you wish to do before the year is out. This is a way you could use the list function. Similar to the 100 day challenges you may have seen across social media where people have a task to do daily and post it for all to see. Or maybe a picture of something specific to post daily, this could be a way of listing many things you wish to complete in the year by ticking off each one as you complete it. These would not have to be large challenges, or even things with monetary value, rather more simple things that you wish to do or learn across the year, such as completing a specific book you wish to read, finally starting that novel you were going to write, or starting that hobby you've been putting off. Even something as simple as visiting the gym twice weekly, trying a new recipe out once a month etc. Use the wish list function as not only your inspiration, but also a helpful time management function with the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishments once you tick them off one by one!

Subscription Gifts

Maybe your gift inspiration comes from subscription type gifts? You could use your wish list to be able to get a different monthly surprise in the form of a delivery! Many companies now offer subscription deliveries or purchases where you can subscribe to receive a certain product or mystery box every month, quarterly or 6 monthly for example. These are often designed to be little gifts to yourself, but why not let others gift you with these?! Pop a few different companies on your list and then add the months of the year to it. That way when people select an item on your list that they are going to purchase for you, they can also select the month in which the delivery will arrive so other viewers of your list can see what has been chosen. That way you won't get all of your subscription gifts arriving in January with nothing else arriving throughout the year! See it as a different way of getting your birthday or Christmas to last all year round! The world of subscription boxes really is varied and ever expanding, from craft beers, stationery, underwear, artisan gin, makeup and beauty treats, to recipe boxes, cakes, crafts, children's activities etc, the list goes on and on! You can even get subscription boxes for your dogs!

So as you can see, if you can think outside the gifting box, there are many ways to use a gift list, not just as your annual letter to Santa!

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