What Should I Include In My Baby Wish List

Wednesday 1st August, 2018

Expecting a little one? I'm sure you already know you'll need a lot of stuff. Luckily, you're not expected to deal with that all by yourself and a baby gift registry is the best way to allow your friends and family to help you out with those all-important baby care items!

Why create a baby gift list?

As a new parent, your little bundle of joy is going to be the centre of your world for a long time. Taking care of a new-born is a full-time job and with so much else to think about, a baby wish list can help you by allowing you to get those items you need to care for your little one out of the way.

But what should you put on your baby wish list?

A lot of my friends have babies and honestly, the things they treasure the most are the items they can reach-for-and-go, the small things that are often needed and seemingly in unlimited supply. Rather than extravagant keepsakes or expensive shoes (which the baby will grow out of in an instant, anyway) the simple, everyday items are the ones that most of the mothers I know come to appreciate the most.

With that being said, let's start with everyday essential items you should never forget to put on your baby wish list!

Everyday essentials

Muslin cloths and bibs

Babies are innocent, adorable beings but they also happen to spit up a lot in their first few months of life! Things like muslin cloths and bibs probably aren't something that first spring to mind when you think about your baby gift list, but could you imagine having to change yourself, or the baby, every single time they spit up? You'd be constantly changing and never get anything else done! Muslin cloths and bibs are practical items that you can never have too many of. They'll keep you and baby clean and dry throughout the day and you'll be very grateful every time you happen to have one on hand!

Nappies and wipes

Fish and chips, bacon and eggs, nachos and cheese - and probably the greatest pairing of them all for a new parent - nappies and wipes! You can never have too many nappies on hand. You'll be needing them multiple times a day, making them a great item to include on your baby gift registry. You'll be using wipes every time you change a nappy, in addition to the many other times a day you need to give baby a quick wipe down, so you'll need just as many wipes as you do nappies. Throw those on the list too!

Infant bodysuits

Don't babies just look so cute in those little onesies! As well as making them look totally angelic, these are another item you'll want a lot of as they're just so easy. They keep baby comfortable and warm without restricting their movements and they double up as a great extra layer to keep your little one warm and cosy in the winter months. Hats and socks are also great clothing items that are useful to have a large amount of as the baby will be able to wear those without growing out of them for a while.

Baby cutlery

Time flies and before you know it your little one will be ready to take their first bites - well more like swallows - of mushy food! What's wrong with a little pre-planning? If you put stuff like this on the baby wish list, you won't have to worry about scrambling around looking for it when the time actually does come.

Play mat

When your newborn isn't snoozing away or having a feed, they'll need a nice place to do all that ceiling-gazing they enjoy so much. A soft, comfy play mat is the perfect place to lie them down. Meanwhile, you'll finally have your hands to yourself - maybe you could have a lie-down too!

Things to make your life easier

Nappy bag

One of my friends is a mum of 2 and we had a good laugh a few days ago because we were going out and she realised the only bag she had was her nappy bag! Don't underestimate how useful this will be for you. With a baby, you'll find that you'll need to carry a lot of things around when you venture out. You won't be able to leave the house without a good supply of nappies, wipes, bottles and more, so try to find a bag that's both spacious and chic as you'll be carrying it a lot!

Baby monitors

Most new parents will tell you that it's when you can't hear anything that you wonder what your little baby is up to. Looking after a baby means you'll need to have eyes in the back of your head, but for those times when you can't see them, because they're upstairs and fast asleep for example, a baby monitor is crucial.

Teddies, toys and books

Anything that keeps your baby occupied, entertained and happy will make your life as a new parent a lot easier. From a nice cuddly teddy bear that helps your baby to sleep, to a toy that flashes and lights up their senses, entertainment items for your baby should be high on your baby wish list if you ever want to get some peace and quiet! Of course, babies are little explorers who love to put things in their mouths, so avoid toys with small parts as they could be a choking hazard.

Bigger items for your baby wish list

If you have a group of friends or members of your family that would like to chip in for a baby gift for you, you might want to ask for a bigger item that will help you care for your newborn with ease.


Bath time is fun for both you and your baby - and a baby bath tub is a safe and efficient way of making the most of that time every day!


It's something that every parent needs and is probably one of the most useful items ever invented - so why not put a buggy on your baby wish list? Another great thing about this item is that it will last a while, so if you do go on to have more children, you won't have to put another one on your baby registry for a while.

Hopefully you're now inspired to start adding those all-important items to your baby wish list! Remember that your baby registry is a personal thing and there are plenty of other items you may desire that are not on this list. But as for the essentials - we've got you covered!

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