House Warming Gift Ideas

Wednesday 31st July, 2019

Moving house can be stressful, but is also a very exciting time, especially if you are moving in to your first home. The list of 'essentials' to get started can feel overwhelming and never ending. But what sort of gift can you ask for that is a little more unique? Something to really commemorate this new beginning in your new home? Something you would love to buy but maybe couldn't justify buying for yourself.

Let's have a look shall we?

Homeware is one of my favourite things to shop for, just ask my husband. He gets worried every time he sees a courier heading down our path. Not to mention the Amazon Prime man who would put in a missing person report if he hadn't made a delivery for a few days!

Something to nurture?

No new home would be complete without a pet house plant - even if you do manage to kill it within a few months! Patchplants.com have a lovely range of both indoor and outdoor plants to suit any home, a particular favourite is this colourful orchid combined with this stylish grey geometric style pot. Maybe if you would be safer with some outdoor plants, where at least the rain can help you remember that they need watering every now and again, then this Buxus pyramid combined with a lovely woven basket pot would be a better option for you. However, take it from me, it is still possible to kill these!

Nevertheless, if you still require a bit more help keeping your new pet plant alive, patchplants.com have a section dedicated to the 'almost' unkillable plants! I think this is the section I need to be looking in!

Some general 'prettiness'?

Following on in a similar theme, Home and Garden Centre have this beautiful herb garden, perfect for brightening up the kitchen windowsill. Our resident guinea pigs love the daily supply of fresh herbs. Although I have to confess to filling mine up with supermarket bought herb plants rather than homegrown (shhh no one needs to know!). Conveniently, this one is just the right size to accommodate supermarket bought ones!

I also love their seed storage tins. Despite them being designed for gardening, I would actually use this in the kitchen for storage; they are far too beautiful to be left in the garden! I'm sure I could find a good use for something so pretty!

Something I didn't consider would be of so much importance before I bought my own house is a feature wall clock. I spent hours searching for the right clock to fill an enormous space on my dining room wall. Eventually I found the perfect piece quite by accident in a local farm shop! However, this absolute beauty from Thomas Kent Clocks would have fitted the bill perfectly…perhaps it's time for a change, I wonder if my husband would notice?

Another thing I didn't think would take so long to decide on are coasters and placemats. I just could not find anything that took my fancy! Peace with the wild stock beautiful natural, eco-friendly and vegan products for the home and kitchen. These fabulous bamboo stag coasters would look beautiful on any coffee table.

A little something to brighten up the walls?

Morethanjustliving.com have some beautiful wall art pieces in a wire typography style that could really personalise your living space. This beautiful piece could easily be customised to celebrate your moving in date or your address.

Posterhaste also have this commemorative map piece that you can personalise to show the map of your new home, along with your names, moving in date etc. A lovely piece to personalise your home. A particularly apt gift if this is your first home, or maybe your first family home.

Melody Maison is a great place to shop for housewarming gift ideas. They have some gorgeous pieces, ideal for a new home. How about this tongue-in-cheek piece so that you can start as you mean to go on when it comes to visitors?!

Or how about these vintage metal door plaques? I love this one. Maybe it will help the rest of my family remember where we really put the dirty washing……

What house would be complete without some snazzy gadgets?

Smarter have a range of intelligent kitchen gadgets including this iKettle that enables you to set your kettle to boil from your smartphone! You can even have it on an alarm type mode where it will set to boil at a certain time on a certain day! This is just the epitome of a lazy Sunday morning and I love it. Only downside is that one of you still has to pop downstairs to actually make the brew…..as long as it's not me then I'm happy with that!

It would combine perfectly with these breakfast trays to be able to really enjoy that brew/breakfast in bed. To make it even easier, if you have Alexa, you can even shout across to her to get her to boil the kettle……! I wonder if they could come up with a toaster to match? For the coffee drinkers amongst you, they also have the Smarter Coffee that will allow you to remote brew so that your morning coffee is ready before you are! I'm not a coffee lover myself, but I imagine it would be an inviting smell to come down to freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

Be Inspired!

I could go on and on, but it only gets more expensive for me and results in more couriers turning up at the house! Which reminds me, this door mat would be an excellent purchase!

I hope I have provided you with some inspiration now to go and create your own gift list for your new home. It's time for you to go ahead and create your own list! Don't forget to try out our browser add-on when building your list - once installed, simply click the extension button from the website you are shopping on to add an item to your list - simple!

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