Easter gifts that stand out

Saturday 6th April, 2019

Easter is a much-loved celebration here in the UK. With all the feasting, chocolate, gifts and of course, the glorious bank holiday weekend, it's no wonder why!

If you've got a big Easter celebration coming up with family and friends and you're worrying about what gifts to bring along, stop now!


Easter is easy as we already know what most people want - chocolate!

You just can't go wrong with that sugary goodness that dominates the month of April every year. However, after years of gifting the same old Easter eggs to your loved ones, you may decide that this year, you'd like to stand out from the crowd.

If that's you, you'll be happy to know that these days, it's very easy to stand out, even when gifting something as simple as chocolate. Ready to find out how?

Let's dive in!

How to put a twist on Easter eggs

So, as you know, the traditional way that you would gift someone with chocolate during Easter is in the form of a large, egg-shaped treat. But why eggs?

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eggs are said to symbolise rebirth and new life.

But times have changed and while many people stick to the tradition of gifting chocolate eggs, there are some that are taking advantage of a new range of ways that you can gift chocolate to your loved ones at Easter - ways that take into account the lifestyles and dietary needs of the recipients.

Take this dark chocolate avocado, for example. It's the perfect way to include your vegan or lactose intolerant friends in the chocolate-giving fun and give them a chuckle.

You can even get a Ferrero Rocher chocolate squirrel for those who aren't a fan of eggs or bunnies!

Nowadays, Easter chocolate is super easy to personalise. You can get chocolate moulded into a shape of your choice or decorate an egg with the recipient's name on it with a website like Thornton's. Want to really go all out this Easter? Why not have a go at making your own?

If you want to really be remembered amongst your family and friends this Easter, remember that Easter eggs, or squirrels, can still be unique!

Say Happy Easter with a Hamper

Why buy one Easter egg when you can get a huge hamper or basket filled to the brim with milk chocolate heaven?

If you have a big family to feed, or just want to go all out for a special person, there are plenty of places online where you can get chocolate hampers that make the perfect Easter gift!

Better yet, this is something you can make yourself to really add a personal touch. Find out your loved one's favourite chocolate brand and buy a heap of bars. Then pop them in a basket, tie a ribbon around it and you have a yummy chocolate hamper to make someone's day.

Chocolate-free Easter gifting

With all of this being said, we can't forget that chocolate just isn't for everyone. There are people in this world who actually don't like it - unfathomable to a chocoholic like me. You may also find that some people are just sick of the sight of chocolate around this time of year.

It might be the easiest and most common Easter gift of all time, but what about people who don't want chocolate?

Pretty much anything goes as an alternative Easter gift, but you might want to keep it somewhat Easter-related with a family game that you can all get stuck into after the big feast, or a stuffed bunny with a personalised message - guaranteed to last a lot longer than a chocolate egg (in my house, anyway).

If all else fails, I've heard whispers that you can now get solid Easter eggs made entirely of cheese!

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