Easy Fathers Day Present Ideas

Friday 17th May, 2019

As the Summer months draw closer, another special celebration is on the horizon, and as with most special celebrations, the choosing of gifts will be in order!

On Sunday 16th June, we'll be celebrating Father's Day in the UK - and that goes for all fathers: biological dads, stepdads, male mentors and father figures, grandfathers and any other treasured men that have been there for us in our lives.

If you're stuck on what to get Dad this year, hopefully these tips and suggestions will spark an idea as we go through what to consider when choosing your Father's Day present.  

Decide on a budget

Splash the cash or keep it cheap?

Remember that although everyone loves a treat, your father might be one that takes pride in having the 'Provider' role and may prefer something simple this year.

He certainly wouldn't want to see you run yourself into debt just for the sake of buying him a present! So don't feel under pressure to overspend if your budget is tight at the moment. Also, not all fathers are created equal. Some men just prefer the simple things in life.

And remember that if your Dad is not the type want extravagant, luxury gifts, there are still many options you can go for that won't break the bank and will be just as - if not more - special.

Appeal to his hobbies

You can't go wrong with a gift that will allow your Dad to enjoy his favourite hobbies and pastimes.

If he's into gaming, a new console or some games will always be well received. If he likes cooking, some new utensils or a recipe book could go down a treat.

If he's into some kind of sport, he'll love a present that will enhance his game like a golf club or a tennis racket. You could make it extra special by getting it engraved with a nice message, so he can treasure it - even when he's too old to play anymore!

Help him save time and money with subscriptions

Who wouldn't love a little extra time or cash? You could go the practical route and sign your Dad up to something that will saves him time and money. A Spotify or Apple Music subscription will be great and allow him to listen to all his favourite music for free.

Or you could sign him up for a subscription box service - some are tailored to men and will deliver anything to his door on a weekly or monthly basis - from grooming products to clothes.

Get him an experience

I'll bet there's not a father in this world who wouldn't like to spend more time with his kids. A nice idea for a present would be to book him tickets to an event or activity that you could attend together. Book tickets to go watch his favourite football team play or have a look on Groupon or Wowcher for some exciting experience days.

And remember it doesn't all have to be macho and masculine. Maybe you think he works too hard and a relaxing massage would do him wonders. Why not book him a spa day?

Make it personal

Even if you're going for something cheap and cheerful, a bit of personalisation goes a very long way. Tailor your gift to Dad's personality rather than getting him something generic and it will be remembered for a very long time. Better yet, show him the gift was especially for him with an engraved message or a funny photo of him on it.

Now you've got everything you need to make this Father's Day extra special with a gift he'll love! But if you're still stuck, why not ask him to create his very own wish list on Things To Get Me? Then he can let you know exactly what he wants, and you get to be Golden Child for another year running!

Happy Father's Day!

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