Father's Day Gift Ideas

Monday 29th May, 2023

It's that time of year again. We're all too excited about the prospect of sunshine, heat, and holidays that we've forgotten about the day that sneaks up on us every year. It is the time where every single person will panic about what to get their dad, grandad, husband, ambiguous male role model. It's Father's Day! (Woo!) Honestly, it's an absolute nightmare, because for me, not only do I have to get my dad something but also my husband. My children are too little to buy presents, at least that's what I've been told, and of course, I am a drama queen about everything.

Although I'm hopelessly stuck for ideas this year, I thought I'd try and make your lives easier by sharing what I have done in previous years. Basically, I'm procrastinating by helping you. Win-win? Let's go then!

First, I give you the 'beer and snack basket'. The old cliché that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I'm pretty sure it's true. So, I suggest to start taking notes of what they love and perhaps ask a few subtle (!) questions. Think salty snacks, think chocolate treats, and beer (or other fave drink, in my husband's case it would be a bottle of red wine!). Nothing says 'I appreciate you' like their favourite treats and beverages. Plus if you're lucky, they might even share…

Second option is a budget friendly one. Get creative! If you have children old enough to draw, get them to make a picture or collage. Get out the stickers, the glue, paper, pencils, paint (if you're feeling brave) and go! Get the kids thinking about their favourite memory with dad or grandad. It's a great opportunity to remember all the special times and fun they've had. If they're too little to make something themselves I suggest something I did when my kids were babies. I covered their tiny little feet in paint and printed them on canvas as a keepsake. Just a warning, you might need two people for this activity, one to hold the feet and the other to gently push the canvas onto the feet to get a print! If you wanted to go more bougee, you could always get one of those clay impressions kits or if going down memory lane, you could have a photo book printed! Getting creative is not only for the kids though. I recently drew my bird-enthusiast-Grandfather a picture of a robin and he loved it.

My third suggestion is to find a funny t-shirt. My personal favourite Father's Day gift I ever bought was one of those t-shirt's that said, 'You can't scare me, I have two daughters!' He thought it was hilarious (and true!). It was always guaranteed to make an appearance on family camping trips. Amazon and Etsy have so many of these fun t-shirts, so you're bound to find something to make him laugh!

Fourth is the useful present. My husband and dad hate useless gifts and so there's no point buying them something that they can't see an immediate use for. So, ask yourself, have they been eyeing up a new tool? Do they need a new shirt for work? Is that card shaped wallet multitool the epitome of must-have? Find that thing and you're on to a winner.

Finally for the man who has everything I give you my best suggestion, time. My dad always has one request that I spend the important events with him. His catchphrase at this point was 'I just want to be together' so I took the hint. One year I wrapped up a clock for my dad to represent me giving him the gift of time. This means that you can give them choices! Do they want to go for dinner (that you pay for!) and put the world to rights with you? Do they want an hour of gaming time? Do they want to go for a facial? Or to a football game? Basically, it's a promise to spend time with your loved one. It's meaningful, it's budget friendly and it's fun! What more could you want?

I hope this helps you find something for the man in your life. I wish you all a Happy Father's Day.

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