Thoughtful housewarming gifts (that won't break the bank!)

Saturday 1st February, 2020

Been invited to a housewarming?

Fun times! Moving into a new home is a surreal, life-changing experience for many people. And the housewarming stage is the best bit - finally the hard work is pretty much over and the house is ready to show off to family and friends.

But, what to bring?

Here are some ideas for an amazing housewarming present that both your bank balance and the new homeowners will appreciate! But first:

Why do we buy housewarming gifts?

Housewarmings have been going on for a while now - way before the days of central heating. Literally! That's how it began. Guests would bring firewood and light up the fireplaces in the home. The warmth created from these parties was also believed to ward off evil spirits.

Most houses you'd attend these days for housewarming parties now come equipped with central heating systems, so there's no need to bring firewood! But there are some other traditional housewarming gifts people would bring back then. Salt, bread, wine and a broom. Salt to keep life flavourful, bread to ensure there's always food, wine so that no-one goes thirsty and a broom to sweep away life's troubles.

What should you bring to a housewarming party?

There are now so many great housewarming present options out there, but if you wanted to keep tradition alive with a modern twist, you could make your own hamper of freshly baked bread and homemade jam, relaxing Epsom or Himalayan pink bath salts, a nice bottle of wine (that never gets old) and maybe a broom with a nice message engraved on the stick.

More ideas

Baked goods

There's something about the warmth and smell of something delicious baking in the oven that just feels like home. Wouldn't you agree? If you know your way around some flour and a mixing bowl - some freshly baked muffins, cookies, cakes or bread make an inexpensive, yet thoughtful way to congratulate your friend on their new home.


Have you ever noticed that houses always have their own unique scents? That smell that wafts towards you when you open the front door is part of what will give the home character.

That's probably why scented candles are found in so many people's homes. Not only does that flickering glow add a gorgeous ambience in the evenings when it's time to turn the lights down, but they also add a warm, luxurious smell and feel to whatever room they're placed in.

They can also be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be, with luxury candles starting from around £40 a pop, to cheap candles that look and smell luxurious starting from £5.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art. One of the main principles of it is that objects carry energy and the placement of certain things in the home can balance energies and bring good luck.

In this spirit of Feng Shui, a nice ornament could make the perfect housewarming gift. Bamboo plants are believed to bring good energy in the home, as well as being super easy to look after. A laughing buddha could put a smile on anyone's face. A beautiful crystal lotus is said to bring good financial luck.

Throws and blankets

Homes should be cosy, and nothing is cosier than fluffy throws and blankets. They'll also be useful for your new homeowner pals, as not only will they love snuggling up in them, but they can also double up as extra blankets if they ever have any unexpected guests. Bonus points if you can find throws that match the décor of the living room or bedroom.

So now you have some thoughtful ideas for housewarming presents your friends and family will love, the question is - what to nab first?

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