1st Birthday Inspirational Ideas

Monday 11th March, 2019

Hello again, and welcome! For those of you who haven't 'met' me yet, I'm Lexy, a mum of one with another one in progress.

Your little one turning one is a special occasion. After counting all these months we finally got to 'first big candle on the cake' moment. We believe the occasion deserves a special present! So how about some inspiration for something a little different to put in those lists?!

Personalised Gifts

The 'Little boy who lost his name/little girl who lost her name' books are beautiful personalised gifts perfect for a first birthday. My son received one as a Christening gift and he loves to read a story that is all about him. Each book tells a different tale as they are all unique to the child's name, which creates an exciting, individual story. They can also be personalised with a message printed in the front of the book to really make it in to a nice keepsake. This book is by far one of my favourite things my son has received.

InTheBook.com also have a beautiful range of personalised books perfect for special occasions. Again, my son has one of these himself, My Book of Nursery Rhymes can be personalised with the child's name and comes with a choice of covers embossed with the personalisation. These really are things that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Not on the High Street is already a firm favourite of mine, stacked a plenty with unique gifts, many of which can be personalised. The Alphabet Gift Shop as featured on NOTHS have the most adorable rag dolls with bespoke embroidery on the pinny/dress, and a corded fox plush with an embroidered t-shirt (tempted to get one for myself, I love foxes!). Moving away from soft toys, they also sell unique pyjamas especially for birthday eve, I've never seen these before!

Unique Toys

Wood and Wonder stock a lovely range of wooden first toys. From traditional stacking toys and pull-alongs (I love the caterpillar!) to a fabulous frog themed croquet set and garden skittles. These could be perfect for the summer babies amongst us!

Babame also stock a range of wooden toys ideal for 1st birthdays. The Tender Leaf range encompass imaginative play toys from kitchens and Doctor's bags, to play sets such as this brilliant castle and cosmic rocket! A slightly different take on the traditional kitchen playset could be this farmers market stall which can be complemented with the bread crate, weighing scales and fabulous shopping trolley! Oh how I wish my house was a bit bigger!

By far my favourite find of the article (and something that will be making its way on to my own baby shower list actually!) is the pull along woolly mammoth from Nordic House! You may remember seeing the woolly mammoth rocking horse in my baby shower inspiration. The pull along is the baby brother of the rocking horse and is a gorgeous hairy little thing! I've also discovered a moose rocking horse too, I just LOVE it!

Preparing for being 'on the move'!

Little one being on the move could well be on the horizon soon and is an absolute game changer! Maybe, you are thinking about gifts to celebrate this milestone also, such as a backpack with attached harness. Babymel stock a lovely spaceman themed one with plenty of room for all those things that little one wants to bring along. We had a LittleLife version when our son was first on the move. It was a lifesaver knowing that he couldn't go too far away when he was trying to gain his independence (I had to sneakily hold on to the harness though so he couldn't see me doing it!)

My First Years is a brilliant website for 1st birthday gift inspiration, with an extensive range of personalised and unique ideas to choose from. Staying on the first steps theme, this walker really made me giggle when I first saw it! It can be personalised with a name or phrase of your choice, however 'They see me strollin' as featured in the advert did catch my attention! It also features a chalkboard at one end so that your mini person can do their own personalisation!

Be Inspired!

Time for you to go ahead and create your own 1st Birthday list now! Don't forget to try out our browser add-on when building your list - once installed, simply click the extension button from the website you are shopping on to add an item to your list - simple!

Have fun!

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