Last minute ideas for a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift

Monday 11th February, 2019

It's almost time for the annual celebration of love - Valentine's day! But are you prepared? If you're still scrambling for a gift idea that will be meaningful and show your partner how much you care about them - read on.

Valentine's Day is all very individual - some people take it much more seriously than others, and this means that the gifts that people want to be given on this day can vary tremendously. While some would be happy with a bottle of wine and some chocolate, others expect nothing less than to be whisked away to Paris for a romantic weekend!

So, which one is your partner?

The best Valentine's Day gift will show your partner that you know and understand them. So, the first thing you should do when thinking about a present for them is...


What did your partner say they wanted for Christmas? Was there anything you were unable to get around that time, that you could get now?

What are your partner's hobbies? Interests? What problems have they been talking about recently - maybe there's an item you could get them to solve it?

For example - if they've been complaining about aches and pains - you could get them a massager or book a couple's massage. If noisy colleagues have been driving them up the wall at work, you could get them some new headphones!

A present that shows you've listened and understood your partner's needs will always be appreciated.

Add a personal touch

Something that is personal to your partner will always make a good Valentine's Day gift. After all, this is the day to celebrate your love for them!

There are many ways you can personalise a gift - this doesn't always mean adding a name or message - although that's a great idea too! You could engrave your gift with something meaningful like an inside joke you have with your partner, or your anniversary date.

Or you could pick something that reminds you of your partner's favourite feature, for example - if that was their bright red hair, you could get a doll that also has bright red hair. Or if your partner is a bookworm that loves to read, you could get something like a teddy bear holding a book, with a message for them written inside!

Whether it's a light-hearted gift or something more serious, adding a personal touch to it creates sentimental value, making the present meaningful and something that can be treasured forever.

Create an experience

Romantic dinners and spa weekends are popular and traditional Valentine's Day treats, but these can be costly. What if your budget won't stretch - or even if it will, but you just want to keep it simple this year?

Why not try recreating these experiences at home?

You could buy a bottle of champagne and get your partner a nice robe, and then run them a bath, diffuse some essential oils and light candles around the house to create your very own spa.

For a romantic dinner experience - why not get your chef's apron out and whiz up a three-course meal yourself?

To really add the restaurant touch, you could theme your menu. Mexican, Italian or even food from your partner's culture - you've got endless choices! Another nice idea would be to recreate the first meal you ever ate together - if you can remember it!

Spice up the simple gifts

You don't always have to go all out.

Some people don't like to buy too much into the Valentine's thing, but still want to do something nice for their partner.

Flowers and chocolate tend to be the go-to gifts for people like this - because it's simple and effective - most people like flowers and chocolate!

But if you're worried about this not being unique or exciting - don't!

It's an amazing time to be alive - even flowers and chocolate can be personalised now, with notes and messages for your loved one.

Hopefully, these tips have sparked a great idea for the perfect Valentine's Day present for your partner! And remember, if all else fails, there's still time to make a quick wish list!

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