How to host the BEST barbecue

Wednesday 14th June, 2023

The August Bank Holiday Monday is approaching and as usual, the whole of the UK will be scrambling to throw a last-minute barbecue and praying for the perfect end of summer weather. Don't worry, I've got your back. Here is how to throw the perfect barbecue that will make all your mates want to come to yours!


The difference between a basic barbecue and magical soiree is a set of fairy lights. Get your Christmas lights out and hang them around your fence. Put them around the edge of the garden in the grass if you have nowhere to hang them. It'll make the evening feel cosy and special. You could get some fun-coloured candles, or some bunting to add the décor. You could even go all out and have a themed party! Maybe you want to go for grass skirts and garlands or a tropical pool party! Whatever it is, commit to it and go all in!

Music matters

Make sure you have the right playlist for the vibe you want. Is it a chill vibe? Is it a family barbecue? Is it a pool party? There are hundreds of playlists on every streaming platform. They even have BBQ specific ones so get searching, pick one you like and click play! It'll get your guests in the right mood, chatting and possibly even up and dancing. Plus, it'll prevent any dreaded awkward silences.

Bring Your Own…

I have been to many a barbecue in my 28 years and often it's a bring your own situation! Things To Get Me is the PERFECT tool to help you host the best barbecue of the summer. If you're hosting a bring your own meat/grill barbecue, then why not create a meat/grill list for your guests to choose from! Each guest can then check off what they're bringing. It makes it easy for the guests to know what to bring and doesn't leave them staring at the meat section of supermarket for hours. It's perfect for you as this means you know what's arriving and means that you know if you will have enough of everything whether that's burgers or bread. If it's a bring your own bottle, then you can fill the list with different beers/wines/spirits so there's a wide variety for everyone to share together (this would also work perfectly for a cocktail party)!

If you're a guest, bring something even if it's not a 'bring your own' as it is bound to make you the favourite guest!

Marinate, marinate, marinate

Flavour will set your barbecue apart. Why not whip up some marinades for the meat or some delicious sauces to compliment your excellent cooking. There are so many out there and it'll guarantee your guests talking about your barbecue for the next week. I can highly recommend this sticky honey garlic one:

Combine in a bowl and pour over the meat, and you'll be ready to go.

Something to avoid!

Not to sound like an overbearing mother hen but the one thing that kills a barbecue is undercooked meat. If you're questioning whether it's supposed to be that colour… it probably isn't! No one wants food poisoning for the next week so on behalf of all hypochondriacs (including me!), please make sure you read the instructions on how to cook your meat and how to use your barbecue. It'll stop your guests remembering your party for all the wrong reasons.

Now all there is left to do is get out the garden games, paddling pool and keep your fingers crossed for the perfect sunny day and you'll be well on your way to the best barbecue of the season. So, who wants a burger?

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