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House Warming Wish List

So, you've just moved into a new home and you want to show it off to all your friends and family. This calls for a housewarming party! For an interesting theme, you could incorporate housewarming rituals from around the world and let your guests get involved in the fun.

In the Far East, bell ringing around your new home is said to bring good luck. Burning sage is a Native American ritual that is said to clear negative energy in the home.

Think Outside The Gift Box

Check out our collection of hand-picked gift ideas.

House Warming Gift Ideas

House Warming Gift Ideas

Moving house can be stressful, but is also a very exciting time, especially if you are moving in to your first home.

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What should you bring to a housewarming party?

The best kind of housewarming presents are things that will enhance the recipient's new home. Scented candles or incense sets, a piece of art, or a plant could all make thoughtful and inspiring gifts.

Whiz in the kitchen? You could also whip up an edible treat like some freshly baked bread or muffins. What should you put on your housewarming wish list? Anything that you think will add to the beauty and comfort of your shiny new home!

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