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Wedding gifts

Creating a wedding Gift List is super-simple with our free platform. Not only can you curate a gift list with your partner and collaborate from two separate accounts, but you can add items from multiple shops, or simply list some ideas or suggestions.

If you're looking for a free online wedding gift list, then you've certainly found it. Our platform has always been free to use, and will always be that way. It's like an Amazon wedding gift list, but you can add anything to your list - any item from any store.

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Wedding List Money Donations

Our money funds are a great way to collect donations for wedding gifts, such as a honeymoon.

This service is available in the US, UK, and EU countries. By default we ask guests to cover any transactions fees, which 99% of people are happy to do, especially for events such as a wedding.

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Online Wedding Gift List

Wedding gifts

Once you've created your online gift list for your wedding, you can then share it with family and friends who can then reserve which items they'll get you both.

We don't spoil the surprise, so to see who ticked what, you'll need to head to the Reveal section, from there you can then also mark gifts as received, which will then remove them from your wedding gift list.

If you'd like the gifts to be automatically removed from your list when someone reserves them, you can configure that in the Settings of your list. By default everyone else will see an item as "reserved".

If anyone reserves an item, but doesn't actually get it for you, you can also remove those reservations yourself, in the Reveal section.

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Wedding Gift List Themes

We have a growing selection of themes to style your wedding gift list.

If you already have a theme for your wedding, but can't find a matching gift list theme in our collection, just get in touch and we'll make one for you.

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Wedding Gift List Ideas

Wedding gifts

We provide the free service to create your wedding gift list, but when it comes to ideas and suggestions, you're on your own, well... with your partner.

We've never been fans of those "top ten gifts for men" type websites, and couldn't imagine trying to do something similar for a wedding.

For everything, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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