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How it works


Create your list. You can include a website link for each item, plus a note or comment.


Share your list with family and friends. They can then tick off the things they want to get you, showing everyone else what's left

To make sharing your list mega simple, we've given each list a unique link which you can find on the "Share" tab.


Receive all your lovely gifts.

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Perfect For Any Occasion

Handy tips when writing your gift list

You can give your list a name. e.g. "Baby Shower for Grace"

Your list can also have your due date, or the date of the baby shower, so everyone knows when they should get your presents for.

For some items, you may want more than one of them, ie "nappies" for this reason there's a tick-box you can check.

Create and share gift lists to make gift buying simple

Things To Get Me is the simplest gift list creator on the web.

Save time and hassle by creating a gift list and sharing it with family and friends.

They can then tick-off what they intend to get you.

Everyone you share your list with will be able to see what's still available on your gift list.

It's a simple solution for everyone, and you can use it all year round! Easily create multiple lists for different occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or weddings.

Try our new Baby Gift Wish List

We now have a specific baby gift list, specially crafted to make gifting for your new arrival a breeze.

You'll soon be able to upload your own background pictures and customise the colour scheme to suit you.

Head to the baby section to view our brand-new baby shower wish list.

Customisable gift lists for every occasion

From birthdays, weddings and baby showers to house-warming gifts - you can easily create the perfect gift list for every occasion.

Got a specific gift in mind? Show people exactly what to get you by including a website link to each item you request.

If that's not enough, you can also include a short note, e.g. "I like the red ones".

Share your lists with your family and friends in seconds by entering their email addresses, or with a quick copy and paste of your personal link.

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