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Christening Wish List

A christening is a religious tradition that has been taking place for centuries. The purpose of a christening is to welcome a baby to the Christian faith with the use of holy water. It always takes place in a church, often around family and friends who come to witness and celebrate the start of the little one's new journey.

It's a very special occasion and it's not always clear what kind of gift is best to get. You may have guests that are of a different religion, or who haven't ever attended a christening before. So, a wish list is the perfect way to get around that and will be especially helpful for these kinds of guests.

Christening gift tip

Traditionally, silver objects are gifted at christenings, as silver is believed to have healing properties and symbolise wealth. But don't be afraid to shy away from tradition! More and more people are opting for more sentimental christening gifts, like tree-planting and keepsakes. That's good news if you are creating a wish list for your own little one's christening. You're free to add some things that you and your baby can truly treasure!

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