The Alternative to Giftster

More features, more personalisation.

Comparing features with Giftster

Giftster launched in 2009 and was one of the first gift-list platforms around.

As the name suggests, the emphasis is on "gifts".

Users need to register for an account before you can see what the service is like.

Giftster provides a few header images to personalise each list, but don't allow uploading any of your own content.

Items on a Giftster gift-list consist of a name, an optional price and quantity, with a description.

Giftster revolves around the idea of groups, to share your gift list with group members, and buying gifts for members of the group.

Things To Get Me Giftster
Free to use
Get started without signing up
List items can have a price
Request more than 1 of each item
Collect money
Receive gifts to your private address
Upload a list profile picture
Select a theme

A few choices of header picture

Add a date for the occasion
Add an address for the event
Import a list from other platforms
Mobile app (iOS & Android)
Chrome browser extension
Firefox browser add-on

Basic bookmarklet for browsers other than Chrome

Share lists to a group
Join a group without signing up
Secret Santa
Referral affiliate program

Start my wish list

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