What is this?

Someone has shared their gift-list with you, here's what happens next.

What do I do?

Browse the list, and if there's any items you'd like to get, or reserve, simply tick the circle next to that item.

This will indicate to everyone else who looks at the list that the item has been reserved.

No-one can see who has ticked each item, although the list owner may ask us if there's any problems.

Why do you want my email?

When you tick an item off the list, we ask for your email address.

We only ask for your email address so we have some idea who it is, if needed.

We won't email you, ever, unless you sign-up for an account and make your own list.

Your email address is kept secure and will never be sold or shared to anyone else.

Got it, don't show again

The Demo Gift List

This is our demo gift list, so you can see what your gift list will look like when you share it with family & friends.

Your list can have a custom welcome message like this one.

Psst, don't forget the card!

It's free always has been, always will be